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10 proven ways to bolster employee engagement

From greater productivity to lower health costs, there’s no shortage of research on the upside of having highly engaged employees. But how do managers keep their workers engaged?

ManpowerGroup recently surveyed a group managers on the most effective tactics to boost employee engagement.

Here are the top 10 strategies:

Managers’ best practices

1. Treat every employee with dignity and respect – from
part-time rank-and-file staffers to upper-management.

2. Answer the ‘so what?’ question. Help employees understand
why they should care by showing exactly what’s
in it for them.

3. Pinpoint the strengths of each employee – and recognize
them accordingly.

4. Get rid of poor employees who are dragging down the entire workforce’s morale.

5. Listen to the employees you supervise more than you direct, and use their suggestions whenever possible.

6. Offer as much flexibility as you can, so staffers can have better control over their professional and personal lives.

7. Conduct frequent one-on-one meetings to cover staffers’ expectations and performance.

8. Give positive feedback right away – the moment you see employees doing something above and beyond the norm.

9. Get employees’ input through frequent surveys/interviews.

10. Keep it simple. When it comes to communicating, try to do it in as few words as possible.

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