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2 critical questions to ask your bank about mobile remote deposit capture

Offering mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) isn’t a stand-out feature for banks any longer. 

Currently 70% of banks have adopted mRDC (or will soon). So finds the 2017 mRDC Industry Study by

Even if your financial institution falls within this majority, there are a few questions you want to ask on the subject.

‘How are you keeping risk down?’

The technology remains relatively new – the majority (60%) of banks have offered it for three years or less.

Which means they’re still figuring it out. One of the biggest issues from the start? Keeping risk down.

While specific mRDC fraud is extremely low, the biggest risk remains duplicate payments. So ask what your financial institution is doing with duplicate detection solutions along with tools such as:

  • know your customer (KYC)
  • delayed availability
  • check verification, and
  • guarantee.

‘What can you offer us next?’

Now that mRDC is a must-offer rather than a nice-to-offer, you’ll also want to look ahead to what more your bank can do with the technology to enhance your experience.

Talk with your financial institution about whether it can offer things like enhanced data capture features or integration, no matter what your business size. And if not now, when?

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