Finance News & Insights

Are too many of your new employees leaving you?

So you expect that not all of your newest hires will be with you for 20 years. But how do you know if too many are jumping ship soon after filling out that I-9.? [Read more...]

Ask the Economist: What impact will the cuts have?

Well, evidently the first impact was to add nearly 1,000 points to the Dow Jones. [Read more...]

A case for automating your close

Few processes are as important to Finance as closing the books. But are you getting your tasks done as quickly as possible? [Read more...]

Tech costs: Where to cut, where to spend now

When times get tough, IT is one of the first budgets on the chopping block. And there is lots of room to cut there. But be careful: There are some places where spending more will save your company more. [Read more...]

Limited tech budget? 2 ways to do more with less

Can’t adequately fill the Finance Department’s tech needs with your meager budget? See how much these cost-cutting tactics can save you. [Read more...]

Are you getting ripped off by your equipment leasing company?

Leasing office equipment is supposed to be the more cost-effective alternative to buying, isn’t it? [Read more...]

3 ways to stop wasting time and moola on meetings

The in-house average meeting costs around $50 a person. [Read more...]

Glimpse into Finance crystal ball shows bleak picture

Effects of the credit crunch are already being forecast, as many finance execs plan to take drastic measures to control costs next year.

[Read more...]

Handling bulky invoices with ease

You know the ones — the invoices as thick as a phonebook. Here’s a solution to ease this common A/P headache. [Read more...]

Are you ready for the latest data privacy laws?

A recent Nevada law may set off a domino effect and change the way your company handles sensitive data. [Read more...]