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Archives for February 2009

The four-letter word that can cost you big


They’re four little letters that represent a whole lot of money: R-I-S-K.  [Read more…]

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Benefits vs. backlash: Are workplace smoking bans worthwhile?

Many have touted the benefits of workplace smoking bans, but is it just hype? [Read more…]

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Giveaway alternatives: Discounts that don't cheapen the brand

Increasingly, small and mid-sized firms are feeling the pinch to increase business — and often resorting to drastic measures. [Read more…]

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A case for ramping up staffers' benefits knowledge

When it comes to staffers’ benefits, the more they know, the better. [Read more…]

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3 areas to check when staffers' productivity suffers

If you’ve noticed a drop in your department’s productivity recently, now might be a good time to go back to basics and make sure everything is in order. [Read more…]

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What's the real unemployment rate?

January job losses have the unemployment rate inching closer and closer to 8%. But how accurate is that number really? [Read more…]

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Can you tell if your staffers are burning out?

Much has been said about the threats posed by staffers who don’t pull their weight. But what about the top performers who always try to do too much? [Read more…]

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Obama’s plan creates more jobs for Finance


The aim of the stimulus package was to find more work for people. You probably didn’t think that meant more work for your own staffers! [Read more…]

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Who's affected by recent IFRS extension?

More changes are coming for the accounting standards switch from U.S. GAAP to IFRS. [Read more…]

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Fitness and Finance? The connection between at-work exercise and productivity

On the lookout for some unique, cost-effective ways to increase staffers’ productivity and morale? Look no further than your own office — literally.  [Read more…]

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