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How many laid-off employees are back at work?

More companies are making a push to reel in some of the talent that was let go recently. So if your company holds off on its hiring plans much longer, you may miss out on the crème de la crème of market. [Read more...]

3 reasons employees are still jumping ship

Whether or not your company is feeling an economic recovery just yet, we’re certainly in better shape than we were a year ago, right? Not if you ask many employees. [Read more...]

What tasks would workers give up sex to avoid?

It’s no surprise that just about everyone hates getting those unexpected, out-of-the-blue sales calls. But chances are the person on the other end of the line hates making that call just as much. [Read more...]

3 ways to get the most out of temp workers

There are a slew of benefits when it comes to using temporary employees. But there are plenty of obstacles as well — especially if your department is mostly full-time employees. [Read more...]

DOL proposal would require firms to provide analysis of all overtime denials

If a current proposal from the Department of Labor (DOL) gets passed, it could mean a lot of added work — and headaches — for companies. [Read more...]

Company: 'Congrats on the pregnancy, you're fired'

What a difference a year makes. In 2009, this company was listed as one of the best places for mothers to work by Working Mother magazine. This year it’s paying out the nose for its treatment of workers who got pregnant. [Read more...]

Healthcare reform: What IRS wants you to do first

Still sorting out what the new health law means to your company? Here are two actions you’ll need to take pronto. [Read more...]

Should workers be penalized for unhealthy behaviors?

A combination of rising healthcare costs and economic decline has caused many companies to take steps that were unthinkable not too long ago. [Read more...]

Collection-letter facelift: Give problem customers more options

Mailing costs are on the way up, so you may want to review the way you communicate with those perennial late payers. [Read more...]