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Who's leaving your firm first? 4 ways to tell

Much has been written about employees who are getting ready to jump ship. Here’s what employers can do to find out just which ones. [Read more...]

The 10 most easily hacked passwords workers still use

With all of the sensitive data that Finance workers handle on a daily basis, you may want to have them revisit the strength of the passwords they’re using. [Read more...]

What are new workers' greatest challenges?

With more Finance departments adding new blood, many employers have a unique set of challenges: Helping new hires adapt to their jobs as quickly as possible. [Read more...]

The productivity killer right under your nose

You spend more time there than anywhere else. So is your desk as organized as it could be? [Read more...]

Are you too dependent on key suppliers?

It makes sense to give your best suppliers a good chunk of your business. But if you rely too heavily on a small number of suppliers, you can really paint yourself into a corner. [Read more...]

Manager mistakes: Avoiding 2 common — and damaging — blunders

Sure, every manager makes mistakes from time to time. But there’s a huge difference between a mistake that leaves a manager red-faced, and one that lands the company in legal trouble. [Read more...]

When common sense fails, just sue Google

This frivolous lawsuit against the tech giant led one expert to ask, “If Google told you to jump off a cliff, would you?” [Read more...]

3 tricky benefits scenarios – did these companies handle them correctly?

Fact: Benefits are surpassing salaries as the most important perk to employees.  But did these companies step out of line to enforce their benefits policies? [Read more...]

Most firms have multiple stress-relief programs: How many does yours offer?

Recognizing the negative effect stress has on employees’ health, companies are taking a proactive approach to fixing the problem. [Read more...]

3 ways to get your firm out of a cash crunch

A huge customer falls behind, busy season runs slow, inventory’s mismanaged — there’s no shortage of factors that can result in an unexpected cash-flow crunch. [Read more...]