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Top 10 Finance stories of 2011

Before the curtain closes on 2011, we’re taking one last look at the most-popular CFO Daily News stories of the past year. Based on your clicks (thanks for reading!), here are the top 10 stories of 2011.

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How much are energy prices expected to rise in 2012?

If your firm hasn’t done so already, you’ll want to come up with some things you can do to make your building more energy-efficient ASAP. [Read more…]

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What were they thinking? Companies’ social-media flops

Scores of businesses scrambled to add social media to their marketing strategy last year, but several of them made some very embarrassing — and costly — mistakes. [Read more…]

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Money problems affect absenteeism, productivity

Financial wellness is more than just a trendy buzzword, and there are some compelling reasons to take an active interest in your employees’ financial health. [Read more…]

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3 horrible holiday gifts from clueless bosses

It’s that time of the year: The time when employees everywhere reminisce about all those terrible, terrible gifts they received from their former bosses. [Read more…]

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Will health reform bring Finance and HR closer together?

If your Finance department is planning to spend a lot more time with the folks over in HR in the future, you’re not alone. [Read more…]

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Prominent groups ask feds to extend 401(k) fee disclosure deadline

Two major organizations just sent a request to the DOL and, if they get their way, your company could get some much needed extra time to prepare for the upcoming 401(k) fee disclosure regs. [Read more…]

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How many of the most overused ‘buzzwords’ do you use?

These days, it’s hard to find a Finance staffer who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile set up. While these profiles are meant to help people stand out from the crowd, many of them include similar words and phrases. [Read more…]

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Computer company on the hook for retirement plan violations

When employees contribute to a company’s 401(k) plan, naturally they expect their contributions to actually go where they’re supposed to. [Read more…]

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