Finance News & Insights

Feds propose new changes to expand FMLA

Let HR and Benefits know: The Department of Labor (DOL) just announced that it plans to issue new rules that would expand the current provisions of the the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). [Read more...]

What expanded ‘new hire’ definition means to Payroll

Back in the fall, President Obama signed into law a new definition of who qualifies as a new hire, and there a few things about this definition that your Payroll staff needs to know. [Read more...]

Study: 38% of CFOs more open to salary negotiation

What a difference one year makes. More than a third of finance chiefs are more willing to discuss starting pay with new hires than they were last year at this time. [Read more...]

Company settles sales rep overtime saga for $99 million

The final chapter of one of the most publicized overtime lawsuits in recent memory has been written – and there’s no happy ending for this employer. [Read more...]

Is it time to revise this key Finance policy?

No shortage of policies in any finance department. But there’s one that needs a second look ASAP. [Read more...]

Common customer statement that should be a red flag for Collections

If customers come to you looking for a credit increase because their banks “just aren’t lending right now,” you have a good reason to be wary.  [Read more...]

W-2, 1099 reporting: 3 ways to safeguard yourself from common errors

The clock’s ticking on employers to get their W-2s and 1099s out the door. So it’s easy for very avoidable mistakes to get made in the process. [Read more...]

‘My cat had hiccups’ and 5 other dubious lateness excuses

You may think you’ve heard them all before, but even the most grizzled managers are likely to be impressed by the reasons these employees couldn’t make it to work on time. [Read more...]

Fired for working at lunch then denied unemployment?

When a long-time employee refused her manager’s request to go to lunch and opted to get caught up on a project, she probably never imaged her response would lead to this. [Read more...]

CFOs intrigued by Finance without spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets are to Finance staffers what trucks are to, well, truck drivers. But an increasing number of CFOs are looking at the possibility of life without Excel. [Read more...]