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3 horrible holiday gifts from clueless bosses

It’s that time of the year: The time when employees everywhere reminisce about all those terrible, terrible gifts they received from their former bosses.


Here are three of our favorite bad gifts — courtesy of CBS MoneyWatch:

Insensitive but sanitary. At this company, the boss (a male) got all of his female employees the same present: Sanitary napkins, with a little card that read: “Something useful, from XXXX.” He even had the gall to go over to his employees after they opened their gifts and say, “I hope I got your preferred brands correctly.” According to the woman who described this gift, the females in the office resigned in rapid succession following the holidays.

Religious zeal. One particularly spiritual boss at a company that wasn’t affiliated with any type of organized religion decided it would be a good idea to give her staffers  little religious books with titles like, “Why other religions are wrong,” — followed by personal comments like, “I think this book really fits you.”

Holiday perks. At this amusement park, employees who had to work on Christmas Day at least got something for their troubles. The boss gave hourly employees a gift certificate for one of the in-park vendors for their choice of a medium soda or a banana. Oh, and they had to pay sales tax on the item they chose.

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