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3 ways leaders get winning ideas from their team

Looking for ways to keep staffers happy without handing out gift cards for a job well done? 

Try getting their input on cutting costs, improving facility operations, etc.

Asking for staffers’ input gets buy-in and boosts morale. And there may be great idea that helps provide savings for your company.

Here are three ways to spur input from team members:

1. Offer examples

Staffers might not offer suggestions because they don’t think their ideas are “big enough.”

So remember to point out times that small suggestions have saved the company big bucks.

Thinking small can lead to big improvements.

2. Set a deadline

It’s not a bad idea to tell staffers, “Whatever you can come up with, feel free to drop by the end of this week and let me know.”

This sends the message that you’re not making an open-ended request. Instead you’re looking forward to having a conversation as soon as possible.

At the same time, they know it’s not mandatory. It’s a competitive challenge, not a “Your job may depend on it” pressure situation!

3. Give fast feedback

You can’t use every idea your crew comes up with. But they won’t speak up if they think their ideas are disappearing into a black hole.

Keep them updated on the status of new ideas – and whether or not their suggestions are feasible.

And finally, always, always say “Thank you very much for your efforts.”

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