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33% of people did WHAT in the office?

Heart-shaped candy? Check. Flowers? Check. Inappropriate “meetings” in the conference room? Probably, says a brand new survey on office romance.

It’s Valentine’s Day again! And whether or not your company has a specific policy outlawing romantic relationships between co-workers, there probably are a few happening.

They may even be happening in Finance!

Take it from the folks at Vault, Inc. Every year they conduct a Workplace Romance survey. And 2011’s results were just released. Seems being added to the list of corporate benefits is co-workers-with-benefits status.

Check out some of Vault’s new findings:

  • 59% of people say they’ve participated in a workplace romance
  • 12% of 18 to 21 year olds say the shaky economy has made them take more romantic risks at work, while 5% of 35 to 39 year olds felt the same.
  • 28% have a “work husband’ or “work wife” with whom they aren’t romantically linked but spend significant time together.
  • 26% have dated a subordinate
  • 18% have dated his or her supervisor
  • 33% admit to having a “tryst” in the office
  • 4% say they got caught in the act!
  • 30% say their office romance impacted their interactions with other co-workers, either professionally or personally, and
  • 63% said they’d participate in another office romance based on their previous experiences with office romances.

What are you views on love in the Finance department? Share them here.

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