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4 keys to employee engagement in Finance

To many finance chiefs, “engagement” is nothing but a meaningless buzzword. But the truth is, when employees aren’t engaged in their work, the entire company suffers.

So how do employers actually measure engagement?

Employee engagement is made up of four key components, according to the staff over at Dear Workforce. So if your finance department (and ideally your entire company) embodies all four, chances are you have a very engaged workforce.

1. Company values

When employees are truly engaged, they support the company’s overall goals, as well as the values it stands for. On the other hand, if many staffers don’t embrace the company’s mission, they’re more likely to do only the bare minimum.

2. Leadership

Of course, even if a company has a mission statement everybody can get behind, it means little if the CFO and CEO don’t practice what they preach in their day-to-day operations.

3. Management

It’s just as vital for department managers and supervisors to follow upper management’s lead when it comes to embodying the company’s values. After all, these are the folks employees are reporting to directly. If workers see that their boss doesn’t care, they’re more likely to follow suit.

4. Employee focus

This is probably the most important factor in employee engagement. In order for people to really give their all, they need to know that they not only do they have a future in the company – but also that the company will help them reach their goals.



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