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4 questions that reveal quality finance candidates

Considering a new addition to the finance team? Here’s an insightful way to further evaluate candidates: 

Listen to the types of questions the candidates ask during the interview.

When you ask “Do you have any questions for me?” it’s your candidate’s first opportunity to take the lead in the interview. The questions they’ve prepared can tell you a lot about what they’re interested in and how they see themselves in regards to working on your finance team.

The thing is, many candidates aren’t too interested in how you answer their questions; they’re more concerned with making themselves look appealing by asking what they consider to be “smart questions.”

But quality hires take this portion of the interview seriously, and will use this time to further evaluate your company and whether or not they want to work for you.

Looking for success

Good hires ask thoughtful questions because they want to succeed. And their achievements will only help your business.

Here are four questions great candidates ask, according to

  1. What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 2-3 months? Good hires are eager to roll up their sleeves and start contributing. Sure, they’re interested in getting to know the company culture, but they’re more excited about how they can succeed within that culture.
  2. What really drives results here? These candidates want to know what’s important when it comes to helping the company succeed. You need your A/R employees to process invoices, but you also want them to excel at customer service to ensure repeat business.
  3. What do your top performers have in common? This shows the candidate is interested in being a long-term employee, and they want to know what that takes. Do your best workers stay late? Are they devoted to keeping up to date on the latest regulations? Your interviewee is trying to see if he/she shares these attributes.
  4. How do you plan to deal with …? Every company has its own unique challenges. This question shows that the candidate has done his/her homework and is aware of what you’re up against. He or she wants to know what your company’s plans are and how he or she will fit into those plans.


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