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7 leadership mistakes that kill employee motivation

It’s tempting to cut corners to save money, but cutting the wrong corners can lead to unmotivated employees.

What to avoid

Here are seven mistakes to avoid that kill worker motivation:

  1.  Giving them outdated equipment in a dingy environment. Investing in better supplies, like ergonomic keyboards, can improve a worker’s mindset. Changing light fixtures, brightening up office walls and incorporating simple office plants can go a long way towards improving mood, too.
  2.  Not challenging them. During performance reviews, discuss areas where employees think they can most improve. Challenge them to reach those goals, and go over their progress with them regularly. Also, taking an interest in employees’ career goals within the company can go a long way towards improving their morale, and offering to help them develop a plan to reach those goals can improve their performance.
  3. Taking work too seriously. Schedule a company activity, like a BBQ or softball game. Spending time outside of the work area can nurture relationships. It also helps to offer employees fun activities during the work day, maybe by putting a ping-pong table in the break room or setting aside a room for exercise equipment.
  4. Not recognizing success. Public recognition for a job well done will show that the company cares and that employees’ work is appreciated. Perhaps create an Employee of the Month award with personalized prizes. The praise will boost the winners’ morale, and the friendly competition will increase motivation.
  5. Ignoring their wants. Your employees might appreciate an innovation that you’d never think of. Take a survey to see what your workers would most like to see changed, and then make that change if it’s feasible. Seeing that their opinion matters can boost their self-worth.
  6. Refusing schedule flexibility. Everyone has a life outside of work. If possible, be flexible on scheduling. Try offering an additional break during the day, or letting workers off an hour early on Fridays.
  7. Ignoring the community. In addition to flexible scheduling, some companies have begun paying employees for taking time off to do volunteer work. If you decide to follow in their footsteps, not only will you be giving employees a chance to make a difference, you’ll also be showing your company’s support for giving back — another morale builder.

(This story was originally published on our sister site, HR Benefits Alert.)


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