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A must-answer question for CFOs: Do you have licenses for all software?

Due to a recent crackdown on unlicensed software, Finance needs to huddle with IT and make sure each and every piece of software being used by each and every employee has its own license.

Reason: Not doing so could cost you … to the tune of $150,000 per violation.

And the hunt is on for those who are violating, knowingly or unknowingly.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has ramped up enforcement efforts on behalf of software mega companies such as Apple, Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce.

Here’s how to make sure you’re not exposed.

1 in 3 missing licenses

First, don’t let other execs or IT blow off the issue. It’s estimated one in three software programs being used today is unlicensed.

No one is immune: The BSA is going after companies of all sizes. It often chooses companies to go after based on industry or metro area.

Staying a step ahead

If the BSA puts you in its crosshairs, it’ll tell you to conduct a self-audit.

Better to beat them to the punch. Have IT check that you have an individual license for every software product your company owns.

That goes for equipment your company leases, too.

And think about all devices from workstations to PCs to laptops to smartphones.

The best proof you can supply? Receipts, say experts on the subject. And detailed ones at that – dates, serial numbers, etc., all help prove you’re in compliance.


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