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A proven onboarding timeline: 180 days to a Finance superstar

You know the onboarding process can make or break your hiring process. Done correctly, onboarding can ensure new staffers are contributing in no time.

Here’s a timeline from ResourcefulManager to ensure new hires are where they should be. Pass it along to your managers:

Day 1

The first day is about the basics. Here’s where the new hire should meet with HR to complete any necessary paperwork (don’t forget to talk pay frequency), be given a company directory and access keys/card and given instruction on the phone or intranet.

Many employers will also organize a welcome lunch with a small group of co-workers.

Day 5

At this point, new hires should sit down with their direct supervisor to see how things are going and be introduced to a mentor. More senior employees should be asked to start completing weekly reports.

Day 30

By day 30, a one-month performance evaluation with the direct supervisor should be given. Managers should also check in with the mentor to see if any issues have arisen and if the new hire appears happy in his or her new role.

Day 90

After three months, employees should be invited to participate in extracurriculars like company sports teams and volunteering projects.

Day 180

At the six-month mark, evaluate the goals for the rest of the year. Things going well? Then the idea of “job enlargement” can be broached.

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