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An 18-grand night in Vegas? Sure, you can expense that

There’s no shortage of outlandish expense report claims for U.S. businesses. In fact, this year’s expenses are even bolder and more bizarre than we’ve seen in the past.

In the latest expense management survey from Certify, more than 450 business travelers (non-Certify customers) shared the craziest, most outlandish expenses they either submitted or reviewed in 2015. Now in its third year, results from the current “crazy expenses” survey were published on the company blog.

And how outlandish are these expenses? Review the complete infographic now and see for yourself:
(full sized version)


Here’s the rest of what the company had to say about its recent research:

Respondents represented a near even split among small, medium and large enterprise companies (<200, 201- 1000, and 1000+ employees, respectively), and from wide ranging industries including high tech, higher education and high finance.

With religious organizations showing up for the first time in the survey, even the high and exalted were subject to a few questionable expenses this year. Indeed, it would seem no organization is exempt when it comes to crazy expenses—regardless of company size, location, travel policy, or the type of expense report system used.

That said, a closer look at the data also identified an interesting connection between travel policy and the type of expense management system an organization uses: manual/spreadsheet based process, homegrown solution, cloud-based automation, or ERP system. Survey results also revealed which business travelers were more likely to lie on their expense reports based on frequency of annual travel.

In addition, nearly half of all survey respondents take 10 or more business trips per year making them highly experienced and savvy travelers. And, so, while it’s been said that with experience comes wisdom, some of the claims in this year’s craziest expenses survey really raise doubts.

For more details and trend data on the Top 10 Craziest Expenses of 2015, view the full report now.

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