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Are you ready? Here comes the 2017 economic census

The U.S. Census Bureau holds an economic census during every year ending in 2 or 7, and that means 2017 is an economic census year.  

Speaking at a recent American Payroll Association conference, Census Bureau rep Kari Klinedinst outlined some of the facts you should be aware of for the coming census.

First up: The Bureau is scheduling with 15 in mind. It wants to have:

  • a census launch date of 1/15/18
  • a free webinar on 2/15/18, and
  • a deadline of 3/15/18.

Even though those dates are a few months away, Klinedinst recommends getting prepared now. She suggests reviewing past census questions to anticipate how much time you’ll need.

A glimpse at the future

Changes to note include:

  • the census will no longer be on paper, and you won’t be able to download software, and
  • the Bureau will mail instructions for creating personal accounts to folks in Finance departments.
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