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Jennifer Azara

Jennifer has been the editor-in-chief of CFO & Controller Alert newsletter for more than eleven years and is also currently the managing editor of Keep Up to Date on Accounts Payable. During her sixteen-year tenure at PBP she has launched newsletters for accounts payable managers and inventory managers. Jennifer is also the editor of the CFO Finance Update e-zine, which is read by more than 90,000 financial professionals. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. from Skidmore College and an M.A. from Villanova University.
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Save employees 6 days per year with this simple tech tweak

Better email etiquette translates into serious savings. How serious? With a few email tweaks, you could give employees an extra week each year, without ponying up any more vacation time or losing them from the office. [Read more…]

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Are you putting yourself behind the 8-ball for vendor discounts?

Could your company be unnecessarily handicapping itself when it comes to getting invoices through the A/P process in time to earn discounts? [Read more…]

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One firm’s accounting software conversion horror story: What went wrong

When Finance rolls out a system conversion, the last thing it expects is a months-long fraud investigation! [Read more…]

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4 types you don’t want on your staff: How to handle ’em

These may be the toughest four types of people to have to work with. But if you’ve got ’em, here’s how to make it work. [Read more…]

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The top fraud-finding tool isn’t enough: Here’s where Finance needs backup

For years finance pros have heard the best way to uncover fraud and other funny business is through a hotline. That’s still true, but here’s the thing: It’s not enough. [Read more…]

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Better benchmarking: 16 metrics Finance needs now

Finance deals in numbers all day. But how often are you generating numbers to find out how efficient your finance team is? [Read more…]

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The top 10 most important soft skills for finance staffers today

Yes, you need a finance staffer who knows the way around Excel. But some of those “softer” skills are important, too. [Read more…]

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Five 401(k) usage benchmarks — how do your employees stack up?

Your company’s retirement plan works best when employees are using it … and using it to its full potential. So how confident are you that it’s happening?  [Read more…]

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Succession success – does your finance department have a backup plan?

steps to gold star

Everybody likes to think no one could ever fill their shoes at work. Here’s why you want to make sure that’s not the case.  [Read more…]

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