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Jennifer Azara

Jennifer has been the editor-in-chief of CFO & Controller Alert newsletter for more than eleven years and is also currently the managing editor of Keep Up to Date on Accounts Payable. During her sixteen-year tenure at PBP she has launched newsletters for accounts payable managers and inventory managers. Jennifer is also the editor of the CFO Finance Update e-zine, which is read by more than 90,000 financial professionals. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. from Skidmore College and an M.A. from Villanova University.
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Workplace fraud: How employees’ silence is hurting your bottom-line

Most companies are in dire need of employees who aren’t afraid to speak up when it comes to financial improprieties at work. [Read more…]

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The common issue lurking in staffers’ expense reports: How much are you losing?

Now may be a good time to review your company’s expense-report management process. [Read more…]

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Data analytics can lead to major energy savings: 2 key steps

Chances are your company has done an audit recently of energy and water consumption. From there, you can use data analysis to zero in on opportunities to save — and there are plenty.  [Read more…]

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2018 taxable wage base released: Here’s how much higher it will go

The taxable wage base is the annual update Finance staffers need most — and now it has arrived. [Read more…]

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Is this liability lurking on your staffers’ desktop?

Heads up:Your employees’ laptop and PC recycle bins are a potential record retention trouble spot. [Read more…]

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How finance chiefs are faring with their CEOs: What your peers said

CFOs spend a lot of time focusing on their interactions with Finance staffers to make sure they’re as strong and effective as possible. But how’s it going with their CEOs? [Read more…]

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A key Finance metric: When to turn over over past-due debts to a third party

Here’s a question finance chiefs often struggle with: Has come to turn over a dragging customer to a third party collector? [Read more…]

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Trump tax plan gaining momentum: 7 potential impacts on Finance

President Trump’s just-unveiled his “United Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” plan, and it claims to offer some very big tax benefits to businesses and individuals alike. It’s starting to gain some momentum, but can it actually deliver? [Read more…]

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A must-answer question for CFOs: Do you have licenses for all software?

Due to a recent crackdown on unlicensed software, Finance needs to huddle with IT and make sure each and every piece of software being used by each and every employee has its own license. [Read more…]

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