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Before the performance review: 4 questions to ask

Supervisors and managers want employees to take an active role in their annual performance reviews.

And the best way to do this is by taking certain steps before the formal review ever takes place.

To get them prepared

Here are four questions to ask before workers’ reviews. Pass them along to your managers:

1. What are your responsibilities?

In many situations, employees are handling tasks their supervisors aren’t even aware of.

This will ensure managers have an accurate picture of exactly what the employee is currently handling.

2. What aspects of your job do your like/dislike the most?

This enables supervisors to find out if workers have an clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

Plus it allows managers to see if they can increase or expand on the work areas employees enjoy most.

3. Where do you need to improve and how (and what do you need) will you do it?

Employees will be more likely to open up about their weaknesses when they know an improvement plan is geared toward what workers say they need.

So supervisors should be willing to help, but the bulk of the work should be on the employee.

4. Do you have any professional aspirations I should be aware of?

A response to this question will give supervisors a good idea of what responsibilities or tasks employees feel they are ready to take on.

Although managers can’t always accommodate everything, it’s important to know when conducting the formal review.


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