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Buried under work? You’re ready to delegate

Delegating can be one of the most difficult things that managers learn to do. But make no mistake: You must learn to delegate. 

That’s especially true for managers who never have a shortage of urgent projects, “need it done yesterday” jobs and two dozen other projects on the back burner!

Put away the “It’s easier if I do this myself” mindset. Long-term, you’ll be more productive if you delegate.

Take this quick quiz on the best ways for delegating tasks to your staff members. You may want to pass it along to supervisors and managers you oversee as well:

1. The biggest advantage of delegating is …

a) You can clear your plate of one or more assignments.

b) You’re still involved in the outcome without having to do all the work involved.

Answer: b

There’s nothing wrong with clearing your plate from time to time! But you’re still responsible for the outcome of the task you delegate.

The bigger benefit is freeing up your time to handle other projects.

2. If you know exactly how you want a task completed …

a) Explain your ideas, but let your staffers make the key decisions on their own.

b) Spell out exactly how you want things done.

Answer: a

Give staffers enough leeway to make decisions on their own. You’ll help make it a learning process for them too. That way the next time they handle a similar job, they’ll have a blueprint of their own to follow.

3. The best way to delegate is …

a) Give the staffer mini-deadlines for each part of the project.

b) Have them finish the job ASAP.

Answer: a

Studies show mini-deadlines work best. You can offer input on the project as one or more steps are completed.

Also: Getting a job done one “bite” at a time helps relieve stress for some.

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