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Collector’s 5 most memorable nonpayment excuses

This Collections pro heard so many novel excuses why customers couldn’t pay their bills on time, he felt the need to rank the best ones.

Here are the top five nonpayment excuses, courtesy of an actual Collector from a medical center:

  1. “For the last time, I’ll pay my bills once the illegal aliens pay theirs!”
  2. “Yeah, I owe the bill, but doesn’t the new Obama bill cover all health expenses?”
  3. “Listen honey, you’ve got to call me after 6:00 because I’m pretty drunk after that.”
  4. “My kids never call me anymore, it’s so nice to talk to someone.”
  5. “I just get worked up about this bill because my son almost died from this accident. All from shooting himself with a potato gun!”

Heard some gems of your own? Share them with us in the Comments section.

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