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Company flu shots will pay off big this year

If your company hasn’t scheduled employee flu shots yet, don’t wait another minute to schedule them.

Flu season started earlier than normal this fall, and it could hit harder than it has in almost a decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The season officially starts when 2.2% of all doctor and hospital visits nationwide are for flu-like illnesses. The nation passed that threshold the last week of November, and the CDC says that number is a red flag.

After last year’s mild flu season, signs are pointing to a long and sickly winter – and that could take a big bite out of productivity.

Get the Facilities department on it

Some good news: This year’s flu vaccine is a 90% match for the circulating strains.

In the meantime, make sure Facilities/Housekeeping makes plenty of soap, tissues and hand sanitizer available.

Providing small bottles of sanitizer for people’s work stations can help cut down on the transfer of germs. It’s a relatively small cost for potentially preventing sick days and delayed projects.

Does your company provide free flu shots? Let us know about it below.

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