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Danger of departing employees: Are you vulnerable?

It happens more often than you’d like to think: Departing employees swipe confidential info before they leave the company. What’s worse, many firms actually make it easy for ’em to do so.

For example, a recent survey of tech workers found that 7% of IT pros never changed an administrative password.

A large percentage of techies also said passwords were rarely changed.

Another 8% have never changed the manufacturer’s default passwords on employees’ laptops and PCs — an easy “in” for hackers looking to break into company networks.

If IT doesn’t switch up your company’s passwords,  an employee that left the firm months — or even years — ago could still get into your systems.

So it’s a good idea to get together with IT and revisit standard operating systems — especially if your firm went through a round of layoffs recently.

One way to protect your firm from departing employees looking to grab something extra on their way out: have a thorough, uniform audit system in place to ensure workers don’t exit with your sensitive data.

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