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Distracted staffers? 3 ways to cut down on workplace interruptions

Between the constant emails, instant messages and good, old-fashioned unsolicited co-worker visits, it can be tough for Finance pros to stay on task.


But there are some best practices that can help curb distractions and keep your finance staffers working productively and efficiently.

Here’s how three real-life companies make sure the workday keeps humming with minimal distractions:

Create a traveling “Do Not Disturb” sign. Branding company Motto uses a brightly colored sign that moves throughout the office. Any time employees hang the sign by their desk, it’s a gentle — but clear — reminder to co-worker’s the employee/employees aren’t to be bothered for a while.

Block out specific Q&A time. Al Levi, the author of The 7-Power Contractor,  began a scheduling system with designated hours for specific types of inquiries when he was part of the leadership team at his family’s thriving plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company Whether it’s for answering employees’ benefits questions or for helping your customers, setting aside time specifically for Q&A sessions can work for virtually any employers.

Create a tiered communication system. The CEO of Bison Analytics created a tiered system of communication so everybody knew how important each issue was based on the type of communication being used. For example: Emails can wait; IMs are immediate; and phone calls are for emergency situations only.

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