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Employers predict big increases in virtual workers next year: Do you?

If your firm allows employees to work remotely, there’s a good chance the office will be a much lonelier place in near future.

At least that’s what a recent study from Right Management is predicting.

According to the study, almost half of the companies that allow employees to work remotely expect to see an increase in their virtual workforce over the next 12 months.

Companies estimated the following changes to their virtual workers:

  • significant increase (18%)
  • increase (27%)
  • stay about the same (25%), and
  • decrease (7%).

The study also found that three out four companies allow employees to work remotely, and 24% of companies don’t have virtual workers.

Due to a number of factors — cost pressures within the company, improved technology, employees who have come to expect flexible work options and telecommuting, etc. — experts predict the number of people working outside of a traditional office will continue to grow moving forward.

Readers, does your company offer telecommuting options? If so, do you expect the number of virtual workers to increase in 2011?

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