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Ex-official lies for unemployment

Some might say this former official should get unemployment benefits based on a technicality. Others are calling him an outright liar.

Gene Mayo, former sheriff of Hood County, TX is claiming he’s due unemployment benefits because he was fired from his previous job.

Although he wrote “fired from job” on his application, lawyers from the Texas Association of Counties claim the ex-sheriff is attempting to cheat the system because he initially described his losing bid for re-election as a “termination.”

“When you are elected, you are elected for a certain amount of time,” said spokeswoman Elna Christopher. “That term ended.”

Roger Deeds, Mayo’s successor as Hood County sheriff, claimed he was surprised to see the unemployment claim. According to the county’s personnel director, the application is still being considered for approval.

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  • Marcia

    Were his wages used in calculating the SUI premium? If so, then why wouldn’t they approve him for unemployment. He did not leave the position voluntarily. How can the state accept unemployment premiums for wages on elected officials and then refuse to cover them BECAUSE they are elected officials?

  • Ed

    Marcia makes a good argument, so do all states have the same basis for SUI calculations? Maybe each state needs to take a look at this.

  • ALS

    I would disagree with the voluntary idea because he new it was limited term when he was elected. However many people are hired for temporary work and collect unemployment.

  • anne

    When they are hired for temporary work they pay taxes right? Taxes finance unemployment benefits.
    So why someone who payed into the system should be denied the benefits?

  • He was hired by the taxpayers and technically fired by the taxpayers. Wouldn’t unemployment have to determine why he was fired to decide if he is eligible?