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Excel tip makes spreadsheets easier on staffers’ eyes

Staring at Excel spreadsheets for hours on end can really put a strain on Finance staffers’ eyes. The good news is you don’t have to ramp up the font to a cartoonish size to get relief.

What works better: Using a function in Excel that allows workers to shade every other column or row, which makes reading the data much easier on the eyes.

So pass along this step-by-step guide on how to do it to your Finance department:

  1. Highlight the entire worksheet
  2. On the Home tab — under the Styles group — click Conditional Formatting and New Rule
  3. Next, choose Use a formula to determine which cells to format from the top
  4. Then, enter the formula =MOD(ROW(),2)=0 in the second box
  5. Click Format and then click the Fill tab
  6. Pick the color you want to use for the shaded row, and
  7. Finish by clicking OK twice.
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  • Our apologies for the mistake in the formula, and thanks to everyone who pointed it out to us. The typo has been fixed, and everything should work correctly. Thanks again and keep reading!