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Get more done today: 3 time management winners

There’s no such thing as time management – no one can speed up or slow down time.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way …

Time management is really about making the best use of the time you have and eliminating some (not all) of the things that “waste” time.

Consider one of these time management tips. Maybe you know someone who’d benefit from the info too.

1. Chart your time-wasters

Take a full week and chart all of your daily activities. How much time do you spend:

  • reading/answering email
  • walking around your site
  • putting out fires or handling complaints
  • fielding phone calls, and
  • sitting in meetings?

Once you get a sense of how much time you spend on various activities, you’ll have a better idea of what you can cut down on.

2. Aim for daily goals

Keep a list of everything you could hope to get done in a day when you start work in the morning.

Then prioritize the tasks on tht list.

Start with tasks that have to be addressed immediately, then work your way down to less pressing jobs.

Nothing beats slashing item after item off your to-do list until almost everything’s off of it.

3. Keep vendors at bay

Vendors and contractors can eat up all of your time with their latest services and products – if you let them, that is.

Solution: Set aside a block of time for once or twice a month to hear vendors’ pitches.

Tell vendors they can call you or meet with you during those time periods if they want your full attention.

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