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Gift guide 2013: The best ways to thank your finance team


Hopefully your finance staffers have been more nice than naughty this year. And if you’re looking to give them a token of your appreciation this holiday season, look no further.

We’ve searched high and low for the most clever – and cost-conscious – staffer gift ideas out there.

There’s still time. Take a look at the list to see how you can recognize your team.

Option 1: Go local

Think about patronizing local businesses around yours for holiday gifts this year. Yes, you can get gift certificates to a local eatery. But if you’re really tightening belts this year, think about offering an add-on to a meal, like an appetizer or a dessert.

The local coffee shop is another great way to let staffers get their morning jolt on you.

Those are some of the more traditional ideas. But the folks at came up with a few more out-of-the-box ways to treat staffers at the holidays.

For example, how about a vehicle service station add-ons?  Maybe offer folks a free tire rotation with oil change or a windshield wiper replacement with new tire purchase. With the winter almost here some of those gifts might be the most appreciated.

Option 2: Go seasonal

Speaking of winter, a timely gift always makes for a good gift. Think about creating a “winter survival kit” for your finance staffers. It won’t break the bank to assemble a few items to make the colder temperatures more bearable (if you live in an area where Jack Frost takes up residence):

  • lip balm (a must-have for winter winds)
  • hand cream (to soothe dry winter hands)
  • hand sanitizer (for flu season)
  • an ice scraper (to make for a faster commute home)
  • a package of hot cocoa (to warm up from the inside out), and
  • some aspirin (it is year-end in Finance after all).


Option 3: Go personal

Some of the best gifts are the ones that show staffers you know who they are outside of the office.

Yes, it takes a little more effort, but it’s worth the time. And these days it’s easier than ever to do with minimal risk of sticking someone with something they can’t use.

A book is always a good option, whether it’s about a hobby or interest you know a given staffer has or on a subject you and that person have discussed before (a certain event in history, a particular sports event, etc.). Just be sure you buy from either one of the big chains with a liberal return policy or gift receipts.

Magazine subscriptions are great, too, since staffers will be reminded you were thinking of them every month when a new issue arrives. To safeguard your gift consider ordering from one of those services that handles many subscriptions so if the person already gets that publication, he or she can switch to something else.

One key point: Make sure your present has nothing to do with work. The idea is to celebrate each staffers’ uniqueness — not a thinly-veiled attempt at boosting their skills.


Option 4: Go to work (for them)

There’s one final – free – option you might want to gift your people with this holiday season: the gift of your services.

Think about offering to take on a most-dreaded task for each person on your finance team.

Jamie hates keying timesheet data into the payroll system? Offer one afternoon where you’ll do it for her.  Bill cringes when processing expense reports? Take that one for one cycle. And let them call when they’ll cash in.

These just might be the most treasured gifts staffers receive all year.




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