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Here but not helping: Red flags of presenteesim – or something worse

As we enter the summer months, you may notice some employees seem to be mentally checked out.
Every company has a few staffers who have some serious issues with presenteeism.

When somebody shows up physically for work but is miles away mentally, it can wreak havoc on the productivity and morale of the entire office. To prevent this, managers need to be able to spot the warning signs of presenteeism.

4 key warning signs

In most cases, workers struggling with presenteesim are among the least likely to take paid time off.
But most of these staffers exhibit one or more of these tells:

  • Clock-watching. Presentees often have the attitude of “when the clock hits five, I’m outta here.” And that’s true of both overtime exempt and non-exempt employees.
  • Regular delays in completing tasks. The delay or missed deadline is normally accompanied by a defensive attitude and a claim that someone else is to blame for the issue.
  • Lack of timely follow-through. Presentees are notorious for not returning phone calls or emails from their co-workers.
  • “Hidden” lateness. Watch for employees who are chronically late for meetings as well as excessive walking or smoking breaks.

Signs of a more serious issue?

Unusually sloppy work, messy work stations and poor personal hygience can also be signs of presenteesim – especially if these traits were uncharacteristic of an employee. These can also be signs of depression, too.

Depending on the severity, a referral to your EAP may be a good idea.

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