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High quality office help for less

If you need some extra help but the budget doesn’t leave enough room for full-time staffers, this option may be right up your alley.

Mothers who are looking to get back to work are increasingly doing so on a part-time basis, according to CNN.

The trend has grown to the point where several staffing agencies dedicated entirely to such work schedules have started popping up.

Mom Corps is an Atlanta-based example.

The agency is dedicated to finding contract work for highly skilled lawyers, accountants and marketing execs who are now stay-at-home moms. The company was created by Allison O’Kelly, a CPA with an MBA from Harvard who dropped out of the corporate world to care for her first child.

The added help can do wonders for overworked employees’ morale. And the added bonus for you? Motivated workers without the cost of health-care benefits and 401(k).

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