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How much are tech problems hurting your A/P department?

Technology problems are bound to affect every department in your company, but new research suggests A/P is especially hard hit.

A recent poll TrackVia asked A/P pros, “How much time per month does Accounts Payable lose because of computer problems?”

Here’s a breakdown of the responses:

  • Less than an hour (35%)
  • One to three hours (29%)
  • Four to 10 hours (22%), and
  • More than 10 hours (14%).

Based on these findings, almost two-thirds (65%) of A/P departments are losing at least an hour of their valuable time because of tech issues. What’s worse, a fair amount of departments are losing a good chunk of their workweek to these problems.

So what can you do? Obviously, you can’t tell IT how to do their jobs, but there are certain steps you can take to minimize issue. For example, if you know of a software upgrade or added feature on your Accounting program that’s been proven to run more efficiently than your current version, talk to IT about it.


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