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How much are you paying these 3 IT people?

IT salaries have long been known as some of the biggest budget busters in the company. But you might want to tell HR and other top execs not to believe the hype.

Not every job title in IT is getting a larger-percentage salary increase this year. Some, in fact, are being paid less than they were making in 2007.

Those are the revelations to come out of recent salary data for the IT industry.

The lesson? Don’t set salaries in a vacuum. Encourage all managers to do some legwork to find out how their peers are paying their people.

To get you started, check out what numbers the following three IT positions are seeing on their paychecks this year:

It’s also great to have data like this at your disposal at budget time. Being able to view the trends in specific industries and departments can let you know how the pendulum is swinging.

(And it’s great backup for managers who recoil at the thought of telling someone they’ll be paid less in the coming year.)

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