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How to tell if that IT upgrade can wait

Putting off some IT upgrades and purchases is OK. But regardless of how tight your budget is, certain things just can’t wait.

While your IT director will probably argue that every upgrade, project and purchase is vital, here’s how to handle three common IT situations:

  • When it comes to security, always upgrade. New routers come complete with better firewalls, virus and spyware protection, etc.
    Key: If it’s time for a new route, it’s better to upgrade to the newest model — especially if it provides wireless access.
  • When it’s time for new desktops, opt for laptops instead. Why? Laptops have dropped in price and have features that are comparable to desktops. Plus, they use about one third of the energy.
    One caveat: If it’s for a staffer who’s on the road as often as Jimmy Buffett, don’t purchase a laptop that doesn’t support full disk encryption.
  • When it’s time to upgrade or replace your Microsoft Exchange mail server, go with an e-mail hosting service instead. Hosting services give you all of the same features — including add-on Microsoft services such as shared calendars and SharePoint — for just a fraction of the price. Added bonus: No maintenance hassles.
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