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If they can see it, they’re more likely to remember it

When people hear info, they’ll typically remember only 10% of it three days later.

Add one or more images to a presentation though, and most folks will remember about 65% of the info they hear!

Bottom line: It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re a captivating speaker or the info you’re presenting is interesting to the majority of people.

As long as you use some visuals whenever possible,  they’re more likely to retain the info you give them.

Plenty of ways to make it visual

Here are two ways you can make visuals work for you, whether you’re talking to two staffers or a roomful of people:

1. Download images of the process or project you’re talking about.

This may not always be easy, but it can be as simple as taking a screenshot of the program or file people are working on.

You can show them the image or images on a smartboard, laptop, tablet, etc. Or take the old-fashioned step of making prinouts (preferably in color for maximum retention) and passing them out.

2. Having a meeting about company wellness and fitness initatives?

Consider gathering people around fitness equipment in your building (if you have a workout area). People will associate the things they see with the message you’re delivering – and they’ll remember it.

Sure they might think it’s a little cheesy perhaps. That’s OK – as long as it’s memorable.

3. Does your presentation involve feedback from customers or clients?

Share written notes or images from stakeholders. It can be as simple as showing comments or pictures left on a social media outlet.

Even printouts of a customer’s email – whether positive or negative – will make an impression and reinforce the points of your talk.


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