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Improvements in the office: What workers want

The good news is most of the workers in Finance probably think you’re doing a stellar job. The bad news: There are plenty of other things they’re not so happy about.

To coincide with “Improve Your Office Day,” recently polled employees to see where they’d most like to see improvements at work. The number one area? Office politics.

Forty-four percent of respondents said the thing they’d most like to see improved at work is the elimination of office politics.

Other improvements that workers would like to see:

  • Allowing or encouraging telecommuting (41%)
  • Upgrading office computers/tech gear (37%)
  • Getting better office furniture (35%)
  • Providing more private work areas (34%), and
  • Allowing more flexible work hours (34%).

As for how workers feel about their superiors, 78% of the respondents in the Staples survey gave their boss an “A” or a “B” grade.

Readers, where can improvements be made at your jobs? Let us know in the Comments section.

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