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IRS announces the per-diem rates for Fiscal Year 2018: What’s different?

Let Finance know there’s some new limits for them to get acquainted with.

The IRS released the per-diem rates for Fiscal Year 2018, effective Oct. 1, 2017.

The new federal per-diem rate for the continental United States (CONUS) will increase to $144 (up from $142). Broken down, that’s:

  •  $93/day for lodging (up
    from $91), and
  • $51/day for meals and incidental expenses (same as last year).

Special/high-low rates

The feds also released the special per-diem rates – also known as the high-low rates – which designate one per-diem rate for all high-cost locations and another rate for all others.

These rates can be used for substantiating lodging, meals and incidental expenses, or for meal incidental expenses only (M&IE).

The high-low per-diems for lodging, meals and incidental expenses increases slightly to $284 for high-cost locations (from $282) and $191 for other locations (from $189).

The high-low rates for M&IE remain unchanged at $68 and $57, respectively. Seven places have been added to the list of high-cost locations for FY 2018.

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