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Keys to cashing in on p-card rebates

In the never-ending quest for savings, many companies are taking advantage of the rebates programs offered through their p-cards.

P-card rebates — like the cash-back deals consumers get from their personal credit cards —  can secure your firm anywhere from 1%-3% in savings off of purchases. But the amount of savings varies depending on four main factors:

  • the volume and amount of the purchases and the number of p-cards issued
  • the speed of your payment
  • the average transaction size, and
  • whether or not your company purchases certain high-priced goods.

Of course, depending on how much you’ll earlier have to pay your p-card bill — and how much you’ll actually save — it may not be worthwhile from your firm to take advantage of a rebate.

A quick cost-benefit analysis of the available rebate or rebates let you know if it’s a good idea to expedite the payment of your p-card bill.

Readers, does your company cash-in on p-card rebates? Tell us about it in the Comment Section.

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