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Low-cost gifts for co-workers: Ideas that don't suck

A difficult year has caused many staffers to reconsider the tradition of giving gifts to co-workers this holiday. Consider these low-cost options before you join ’em.

Here are three inexpensive gifts — that aren’t synonymous with low quality — you can give to your co-workers this holiday season:

  1. Coffee, candy or a combination of both. If your company is big on wellness, this idea may not a be a hit with your Benefits coordinator. That being said, most co-workers love coffee or they love candy — or both.
    A nice touch: Give a co-worker a coffee mug filled candy and coffee (or hot chocolate, tea, mini-liquor bottles, etc., or whatever beverage the employee prefers).
  2. A themed (and practical) gift basket. The key here is to combine a nice visual presentation with practical gifts.  For example, if Philip in Finance always seems to be asking for supplies, why not fill a gift basket up with Post-its, a stapler, staples, tapes, paper clips, etc.
  3. A calendar or planner. Not only are these gifts fun, they’re practical — especially if your co-worker is a planning freak. Again, try to make this gift as personal as possible. Example: A monthly or daily calendar or a daily planner centered around one of the person’s hobbies (pets, learning a new language, etc.) would make an excellent gift.

Do you know of other great low-cost gifts for co-workers? Share them in our comments section.

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  • I am the Director of Marketing at a newly renovated (celebrating our 50th anniversary) family bowling and entertainment center in New Castle, DE. We have a wide variety of bowling and food Holiday packages for employees, from only $13.75 per person to $40 per person. We book a lot of Holiday events because of the cost, all of the amenities in our facility (Full service restaurant and catering, new Sports Pub, our KidZone, which is like a Chucky Cheese, for the younger kids, Dunkin Donuts, Hershey’s Ice Cream shop, Corporate Party/Meeting room and more!), the cleanliness and fun everyone has. As i like to say, we put the FUN back in FUNction!

  • There was a time when words like “suck” were considered offensive and certainly would not be used in a headline. How about you be the first to bring back a sense of decorum to professional conversations?

  • Terri

    steve, please give me a break. gripe much? stone-age comes to mind. lighten up, i promise you’ll feel better.

  • Dawn

    Steve is right. We have become very lax in our words so we should go back to that ‘sense of decorum’. We screen movies for our kids and have them close their ears during certain conversations – we shouldn’t have to do this. Why is it okay for us to watch or talk like that. ‘Garbage in garbage out’ still holds true.

    Back to the reason for the article – thanks for the tips on gift giving for co-workers.