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More than half of older workers will work after ‘retiring’

If your company is looking to add some more-experienced workers to your staff, you should have a good pool to choose from.

More than half of employees (57%) over 60 said they would look for a new job after retiring from their current company, according to a recent study by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder and

The study also asked employees how soon they thought they’d be able to retire from their current jobs. Here’s how they responded:

  • In 1-2 years (26%)
  • 3-4 years (23%)
  • 5-6 years (22%)
  • 7-8 years (7%)
  • 9-10 years (7%), and
  • More than 10 years (4%).

Also, an alarming 11% of workers over 60 said they don’t think they’ll ever be able to retire.

Readers, do you plan on working after you retire from your current company? Let us know in the Comments section.



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  • Ted

    What kind of jobs will be had when retirement is required and what kind of income will be available as well as availability when looking for that post-retirement job? Too many folks are having a tough enough time finding jobs that will take them to retirement age, so what is going to be out there for the “after retirement job”. Lets get real, if you need to get a job after you get retired, then you did not retire. You only changed employers and are most likely put in a position to have to accept lower wages. If you love your work and are fortunate to keep working when you don’t need to, then you are in a really nice place. When you have to work and take whatever you can get, it will be a struggle, but either way you will not be retired, quit using this double speak labeling. It may not be an option and it is a label that sounds like many do this to not get bored and not address the reality of how most folks way underestimated how much savings is needed to retire on and how companies have put the burden of retirement on individuals so the top earners can squeeze a few more dollars for themselves to grow the income gap. Used to be companies were proud how many people in their area they hired and took care of in their area. Now it is how big their own portfolio is and how they can cut even more cost from a lean operation. There is an implied message here that after retirement work is only for fun and not out of necessity to survive.