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Office or palace? 4 of most luxurious employee perks

If you thought your firm’s new cappuccino machine was something, you should see the workplace amenities these progressive employers offer. recently listed “The Best Workplace Luxuries Anywhere.” Here are four our staff wouldn’t mind having:

1. Scooters. Ever dreaded making that long trip to the other side of the building? Google and Abercrombie and Fitch don’t want their employees to have to worry about that feeling, so they give staffers scooters to use as they make their way around the companies’ spacious office parks.

2. Cleaning service for employees. If employees are really giving it 100%, then there’s no way they have the energy to keep their homes as tidy as they’d like. Staffing firm Akraya takes care of home-cleaning concerns by sending professional cleaners to employees’ home twice a month.

3. On-site massage chairs. A number of companies — such as Charles Schwab, Coldwell Banker, Intel and Samsung — recognize the inherent stress of the workplace and offer chair massages to help employees combat it.

4. Webcam-monitored daycare. At Deloitte, Webcams allow workers to log on remotely — using their PC or phone — to see what their tykes are up to at day care.

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