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Office politics: Necessary to get ahead?

Is hard work, talent and dedication all it takes to move up in a company — or is it imperative to play the game? That’s what a recent study attempted to find out.

A recent SmartBlog on Workforce survey asked managers and HR practitioners the following question: “How much of a role do office politics play in success at your workplace?”

Here’s what the respondents said:

  • Somewhat. Being able to play the game helps (49%)
  • A ton! It’s all about politics (42%), and
  • Not at all. Success is based on merit (9%).

Despite the fact that less than half of those surveyed said that office politics dominates their specific workplace, a majority feel it is advantageous to play the game.

Readers, do you agree with these findings? How much of a role do office politics play at your company? Let us know in the Comments section.

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