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On the menu: 6 tips for frugal functions

When your company hosts an event, the catering costs can make your head spin. Here’s how to order up some savings.

It costs $90 for a gallon of coffee? That’s what it can run you when your company caters its next major meeting. But with a little awareness you can dramatically drop the size of the bills you receive from the conference center or catering company.

Pass these tips from along to your meeting organizer before the next catering contract is signed:

  1. Control what’s served. If waiters walk around refilling coffee cups and wine glasses automatically, you’ll pay a steep price later. Make it clear beverages should only be refilled upon request.
  2. Go bulk for breakfast. You can cut this expense in half by not selecting the per person breakfast option.
  3. Let house rule, when it comes to wine. No need to pick the premium brands. You might even see if they have any discontinued wine labels you can get for a bigger bargain.
  4. Select stand up tables. For cocktail hours, skipping the sit-down is much cheaper and encourages more networking and mingling.
  5. Whenever possible choose “on consumption” as an option. This will allow you to return all uneaten food and drink. (Think soda cans and bags of pretzels.)
  6. Talk to the chef. He or she may be able to recommend more budget friendly preparations for meals.
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