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Expense Management Trends Report for 2016

CFO Daily Story Image February 2016How does your organization’s travel and expense management process stack up against leading companies? Download this year’s edition of Certify’s report, “2016 Expense Management Trends: Annual T&E Outlook and Benchmarks.”

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How to Make Sure You Have Absolutely No Control Over Your Business

Business leaders who maintain a certain level of control in life and business find greater success and satisfaction with both employees and customers. Are you in control of your business?

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The Importance of Benchmarking

Benchmarking plays a key role in opening the door to new possibilities, measurements, and industry standards. When you get stuck in a “We’ve always done it this way” mentality, benchmarking asks “How could we do this better?” Thorough benchmarking analysis can be an easy and effective way to help overcome status quo stagnation.

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Slippery Road Ahead of Dollar

The dollar has been the star performer in the currency market for the better part of the past year. However, gains for the buck of late have proven tougher to sustain as renewed worries about global growth have installed roadblocks to a U.S. rate hike.

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Webinar: Wisdom of Crowds® featuring Howard Dresner

Prophix-logoDate: Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

Join us as author and Chief Research Officer Howard Dresner discusses his analysis and findings in the “Wisdom of Crowds®” series study on Enterprise planning. Learn why the study concluded that Prophix “has a perfect recommend score,” amongst other vendors. Howard and Prophix COO, Alok Ajmera will discuss some of the key findings from the study and real world challenges growing businesses need to consider for planning and related solutions.

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8 Factors to Consider When Expanding to Europe

With more than a dozen different countries and languages in Europe, it can be difficult to navigate the search process of finding a new European location for your company.

Here are eight important factors to consider before making your expansion:

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Less Than a Month Until EMV Liability Shifts – Are You Ready?

By the end of 2015, the United States will join the rest of the world in adopting EMV credit cards as the standard for in-store retail purchases.

Unlike traditional magnetic stripes, these security chips are very difficult to clone. This is why most major markets have already made EMV technology mandatory. By October 1, 2015, the United States will “unofficially” follow suit.

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CFO Key Challenges and Predictions for 2016

As the CFO, you play a vital role in the success of your company, and your responsibilities in driving shareholder/policyholder value are immeasurable.

Key survey findings highlighted CFOs’ operational challenges, recruiting and retention concerns, and interest rate investment strategies and predictions. One of the simplest survey questions asked was also one of the most telling:

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How Enterprising Companies Are Moving Business Reporting to the Cloud

You expect your team to be agile. Why isn’t your reporting solution?

Access this white paper from IDC to learn how the best companies are moving business reporting to the cloud with agile solutions.

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CFO Perspective: Healing Failed Payment Transactions

As the CFO of a subscription business, you’re keenly aware that customer retention is critical to the long-term success of your company’s business strategy. After all, the cost to retain a current customer – even one that appears to be falling through the cracks due to payment failure – is far less than your company’s sales and marketing organization having to go out and find a replacement customer.

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Incentive Compensation Plan Design

Leadership buy-in is essential when designing an incentive plan, and the stakes are high.

Below is a list of who to include on your compensation management design team. When all these people are in the room, you’ll be on the right path to create an incentive compensation plan that succeeds.

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CFO Perspective: Healing Failed Payment Transactions

As the CFO of a subscription business, you’re keenly aware that customer retention is critical to the long-term success of your company’s business strategy. After all, the cost to retain a current customer – even one that appears to be falling through the cracks due to payment failure – is far less than your company’s sales and marketing organization having to go out and find a replacement customer.

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How Much Fraud is Lurking in Your T&E Program?

The reason for improving the expense automation process is as important as the choice of what part of the expense workflow to improve. In our experience, the automation of auditing of expenses is most often overlooked, which is what this piece was written to help address.

What is most correlated with increased expense risk? Included in this article are two sets of questions that will help provide a quick estimation of your organization’s expense risk profile.

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4 Financial Challenges of Managing a Mobile Workforce

The workforce is always evolving, but now more than ever, there is a dramatic transformation in the way people work. Work today is mobile, and the lines between business and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred. As mobile technology becomes ubiquitous in today’s workplace, senior leaders must be aware of the financial challenges they face in managing a new breed of mobile workers.

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Order-to-Cash for the Subscription Economy

We’ve all heard that cash is king, or put another way, cash is the very lifeblood of a business. But today’s usage-based economy for products and services is changing the way companies collect and manage cash. What does a healthy order-to-cash (O2C) lifecycle look like in a subscription based economy?

This article examines how bookings can be bull, and how to reduce customer churn, automate O2C, and monitor the best metrics to ensure the health of a subscription-based business.

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What You Need to Know About Preventing Chargebacks

Any business that accepts payment cards understands the pain of chargebacks. From true fraud to friendly fraud (“I didn’t buy that”), chargeback cost merchants $40 billion every year. Chargebacks deplete your business of more than just money…they drain time, resources and goods and services.

Fortunately, there is a science to preventing chargebacks. We’ve laid out the relevant information about chargebacks as well as what to do to secure your business against the chargeback problem.

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E-Signatures: The New Standard for Signing Contracts

Businesses and government rely on signatures to control and audit business decisions, reduce risk and ensure compliance. But many organizations struggle to balance the need for signatures with the pressure to modernize and go digital, especially in paper-intensive contracting processes.

Soon, e-signatures will replace pen and paper as the standard method for signing contracts.

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Stuck in the Red Zone:
Getting your hands on (and arms around) financial data

With IDC estimating 80% of enterprise data is trapped in unstructured forms—spreadsheets, contracts, audio or video files, you name it—businesses relying on manual routines, physical storage and outdated technologies are essentially blocked from accessing and leveraging 80% of their “home field,” at least before the clock runs out.

They are trapped in a red zone of their own, as if limited to their own 20-yard line. If the enterprise can’t seem to get out of its own red zone, and establish coverage (visibility) of those other 80 yards, that doesn’t bode well for its chances of winning the game (i.e. establishing world-class efficiency, providing superior service and besting the competition).

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The 2015 Salary Guide

ATFAMR_0714_TN_132x197-SG2015-BOB_NAM_ENGYour salary questions are answered here. Get in the know on the latest hiring trends and job search strategies by downloading our 2015 guide. It includes up-to-date projections on:

  • Accounting and finance salary data for more than 375 positions
  • An overview of the current hiring environment
  • Where the jobs are in the upcoming year
  • Skills in demand

Download the 2015 Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance.


Strategic Considerations for Any International Payment

Despite its unassuming nature, international procurement remains a massive challenge for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) globally, costing these firms tens of billions in added costs and inventory bottlenecks every year. One of the biggest risks to SMBs is in the final stages of the procurement process, international funds settlement. A shift in currency markets wields the power to not only chisel away a firm’s hard fought cost advantage, but erase it all together.

We believe there are three immediate dimensions every SMB CFO and Controller should incorporate when handling market risk: rate setting, unifying and integrating.

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Guide to Intellectual Property Software

innography_coverWhen shopping for an intellectual property search engine it is important to consider if the application supports all of your use cases, what the level of ramp up is for your users, what data sources are included and their accuracy, and finally, will this application have good ROI and make your team more productive?

This guide covers the different types of IP software users, the problems they are trying to solve and what features and workflows are necessary to enable them.

Download the Buyers Guide to IP Software.

 Fixed Assets Get No Respect

FixedAssetControls cover imageOften an element of fraud and financial misstatement, fixed assets get no respect. Although they’re considered low risk by auditors, fixed assets need attention. Are the controls really effective over this perceived low-risk area? Best practices enhance proper accounting, valuations and financial reporting.

Read Increased Scrutiny: Fixed Asset Controls and Reporting.


Four Imperatives for Establishing Investment Accounting and Reporting Best Practices

clearwater_coverThis white paper outlines four imperatives that accounting and finance professionals should adopt in order to have a consolidated, transparent view of their investment portfolio. This guide will help accounting and treasury teams establish and implement a framework for investment accounting and reporting best practices that will help them react to market moves, senior management questions, accounting rules, auditor inquiries, and to make intelligent investment decisions.

Download Investment Accounting and Reporting Best Practices.


BYOD: Best Practices to Manage Mobile Device Reimbursements

runzheimer_coverimageDevelopment of a successful BYOD program requires management of security concerns, policy/process education, a solid change management support process, and privacy controls.

The concept of BYOV (bring your own vehicle) for business was introduced many years ago by Runzheimer International. Learn how a solid BYOD program can be built on strategies borrowed from FAVR for business vehicle reimbursements.

Download FAVR for BYOD.

Five Steps to Sales Tax Compliance

taxconnex_coverSales tax compliance can seem both mysterious and stressful as it falls outside the comfortable parameters of GAAP and into the mysterious world of sales tax nexus, taxability, non-compliance, penalties and fines. Strategically, sales tax compliance may not be widely understood, but it’s not mysterious. Sales tax compliance is a process and involves business decisions that balance risk and cost.

This five step approach provides a framework for evaluating sales tax risk in your business and shows how to return your business to sales tax compliance.

Download Five Steps to Sales Tax Compliance.

The Real Difference Between BI & CPM: Guide for Finance Professionals

prophix_coverBI, or Business Intelligence, is often confused with CPM, or Corporate Performance Management. Although similar, when it comes to organizational data and management, the differences are substantial.

This comprehensive resource is invaluable for CFOs and other finance professionals tasked with choosing and onboarding new financial technology.

Download The Real Difference Between BI & CPM.


7 Popular Pricing Paradigms
For Subscription Based Businesses

fusebill_cover2The subscription based economy continues to soar as more and more products and services are being sold on a recurring basis. Forrester Research predicts that by 2016 subscription licensing models will reach 50% of the total software license market, and it’s impacting more than just how software is delivered. Significant changes are also being seen in how businesses are pricing their products and services in direct response to changes in customer demand and behaviour.

This paper examines several of the most popular pricing strategies for subscription based companies including benefits, pitfalls, and examples of successful applications for each.

Download 7 Popular Pricing Paradigms for Subscription Based Businesses.

The Complete Handbook
For Choosing the Right Subscription Billing Service

fusebill_coverThe increasing use of subscription billing creates significant challenges for back-office systems. Billing systems and processes need to respond to a shift from one-time transactional charges, to ongoing recurring charges and subscription management.

This document is intended to help your business assess the range of features required in your systems, for metering, pricing, billing and collecting.

Download The Complete Handbook for Choosing the Right Subscription Billing Service.


ZIP Codes: The wrong tool for the job

avalara_coverLike using a tricycle to commute to work, using ZIP codes to determine tax rates is a mistake. Originally intended to help mail delivery by identifying geographic areas and zones, ZIP codes lack the accuracy sales tax compliance requires.

Read this whitepaper to learn about ZIP code inaccuracy in sales tax management, and the benefits of a tax compliance solution.

Download Zip Codes: The wrong tool for the job


11 Key Factors in Choosing the Right European Location

NFIA_11KeyFactors_wpcoverOnce you, as a CFO, begin considering your company’s expansion into the European marketplace, the first question is where.

This whitepaper looks at 11 key factors that typically dictate locational choice.

Download 11 Key Factors in Choosing the Right European Location

What a CFO should know about selecting a European business location

NFIA_wpcoverWith today’s challenging U.S. economy, it may make financial sense to grow your customer base by way of Europe. And there are many good business locations from which to choose, including the Netherlands. This White Paper is designed to help you better understand and compare various European countries – from their tax regimes, rulings and tax treaty networks to their positions on carrying losses, VATs, and other key financial issues. All, so you can make a more informed choice about where to locate your business.

Download A CFO’s Guide to Investing In Europe.

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