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Save a tree — and a bundle of cash

Paperless workplace? Far from it — the average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. That eats up a lot of paper of the green kind. But a single sentence can save you a bunch of each.

True, “going green” has gotten very trendy in a lot of workplaces. But when it comes to paper, taking a more environmentally friendly stance can also be very friendly to your budget.

No doubt almost everyone has a recycling bin next to his or her desk nowadays. But some of that paper might not ever need to be generated in the first place.

A key culprit: printing e-mails.

E-mail was supposed to eliminate the need for passing out memos, sending letters, etc. But so many people have gotten used to hitting the print button that there’s more paper being cranked out than ever.

But we’ve spotted a small but effective technique to combat this costly trend.

Some people are putting this line at the end of every e-mail they send:


It’s a tiny statement with a big message. By encouraging all employees to add this to their signature line, you could start seeing a generous decrease in your office supply expenditures.

Plus, studies show employees prefer to work for environmentally conscious companies, so you should earn some points with staffers.

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