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Save employees 6 days per year with this simple tech tweak

Better email etiquette translates into serious savings. How serious? With a few email tweaks, you could give employees an extra week each year, without ponying up any more vacation time or losing them from the office.

That’s the assertion of corporate trainer and executive coach Bruce Mayhew. He says there’s a definite ROI to be had for employees and their companies. Here’s how it adds up.

Just 15 minutes per-day, per-person

The math is easy enough: If employees can save just 15 minutes each day with better email practices, it translates into six eight-hour workdays conserved.

So how do they shave that quarter-hour off each day?

It can be anything from smarter email management to making sure folks know how to avoid email scams that can eat up chunks of time to resolve.

You have plenty of ways you can do this. And a multi-faceted strategy works best:

  • Start with the experts. You will need to enlist IT’s help on this one. They’re the best people to train employees on the latest security threats, what not to click on in an email, etc. And that training should be ongoing as new threats emerge.
  • Share knowledge. As for email efficiency tips, you probably have some in-house experts already. Folks like admins are obvious choices but everyone likely has a trick or two to make email more manageable. Set up a way for staffers to share tips on a regular basis.

In part from “What Is The ROI From Email Etiquette Training?” by Bruce Mayhew, at

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