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Spotting 3 mistakes of rookie managers

Every manager has to start somewhere. And if a manager is overseeing staffers for the first time, he or she is bound to make some classic rookie mistakes. 

Here are three of the most common blunders new managers make:

Mistake #1: Being intimated by employees. This is most common with younger managers overseeing older, more seasoned workers. Managers may be hesitant to offer criticism of any kind. This could result in employee taking advantage of the situation in a number of ways (extreme lateness, extended breaks, etc.).

Mistake #2: Continuing to do their old jobs. Job duties can become like second nature, so it’s easy for new managers to continuing performing their old tasks.  If you notice this behavior, let the manager know that the most important duties now are delegating and motivating employees.

Mistake #3: Failing to make decisions – for fear of making mistakes. Many newer managers are afraid to make mistakes. This can turn into a major problem – especially if the indecisiveness is causing the manager to lose the respect of his or her peers.
To avoid this problem, it’s best to instill confidence. Let managers know you have the utmost confidence in their decision-making skills.

How does your company handle common Rookie mistakes? Share it with us in the Comments section.

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  • Karen

    Mistake # 4: Being a micro-manager: Some new managers tend to micro-manage. If they have employees that know their job, let them do it don’t stand over them all day. Being a new manager goes to their head and they want to manage everything little detail. Watch them, learn from them but don’t hover.