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Spring cleaning in Finance: 5 tips you haven't thought of

You know that itch you get to clean house that comes with spring’s arrival? You can apply it to your office, too.

Spring is just around the corner: The ground is starting to thaw, the temperatures are climbing … and Finance may still be in the grip of the Winter doldrums.

To make sure all finance work-spaces are free of time-draining inefficiencies, think about a little spring cleaning. Nothing major or time-consuming required; simply “TWERK” your system:

Test. The next time you’re on hold with a customer, supplier or co-worker, take all the pens out of your pencil cup or desk drawer. Test each on a sheet of paper so you can toss anything that no longer works. You won’t be sidetracked the next time you’re trying to jot down a phone number fast.

Windows. Have the windows in your department washed — inside and out. There’s more sunshine now. You want to maximize it. Ideally it’s best to even open the windows for an hour or two a day, weather and mechanics permitting, to get some fresh air circulating.

E-mail. Everyone always intends to get that in-box cleared out. But while your desk is being cleaned up, why not clean your desktop, too? An hour to purge or file those emails that piled up during Finance’s busy season means less time scrolling down through screen after screen to locate that message from that particular vendor last month.

Restock. Running low on Post-Its? Stapler out of staples? A stroll to the supply cabinet translates into uninterrupted work time later, when desks are fully stocked.

Keyboards. Many staffers worked through a lot more lunches during year-end, which means finance keyboards are likely full of crumbs and other unwanted particles. Time to blow it out!

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