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Stop tossing money in your company’s dumpster

Talk about throwing it away! Waste disposal costs are going through the roof.

The current cost to haul away your company’s garbage? $70 – $110 per ton.

And with the tough times state and local governments are having these days, you can expect to pay even more in hauling and tipping fees. (Do we even have to mention fuel surcharges?)

There’s only so much you can recycle, even if you’re the greenest company on the block.

But there is an alternative that has some companies saving thousands of dollars a year on this necessary evil expense.

There are now services that will compost all of your organization’s organic waste on site.

No one’s suggesting turning your office into some sort of commune.

But paper, cardboard boxes, food — all of those can be converted into compost. You can even use a dumpster or compactor to minimize the non-organic waste too.

Then the service hauls it away for free. So right off the bat you lose the fuel surcharges.

Plus it’s another environmentally friendly option that employees will appreciate. Most say they’d prefer to work for an environmentally conscious employer.

So your waste disposal bills stand to go down, and retention just may go up.

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